Bob Dylan and his Band are currently romping around Europe. They’re averaging five or six shows a week, which isn’t bad for a 69 year old Robert Zimmerman (it’s Dylan’s birth name).

In 1962 Dylan released his debut self titled album. It’s now been 48 years and some 33 albums later. Some might say his latest attempt was just that: an attempt. For those of you who don’t know Dylan’s newest, “Christmas in the Heart,” you may be just as well off as those of us who do. But how can you judge a man with so much under his belt!? I don’t. I take Dylan’s collection of classic Christmas songs with a smile, a nod, and a good pour of something stiff into my eggnog.

His fans aren’t so short-sighted. Look back a mere four years when his critically acclaimed “Modern Times” hit the shelves. It was a #1 album in the U.S. and was adored by  fans and critics alike. Many a Dylan-lover will put it up there as some of his best work. 2001’s “Love and Theft” and 97’s “Time Out of Mind” were also good, relevant, and commercially successful albums.

On Wednesday August 4th 2010 Bob Dylan and His Band will be playing Austin’s The Backyard at Bee Cave. General admission tickets are $45 and are on sale online at The Backyard. You can also purchase tickets in person at Waterloo Records.

His live shows come with mixed reviews and frequent attenders claim Dylan to be “hit or miss”.

Will he be playing songs from his latest Christmas album to Texans in the August heat? Most likely, and fortunately, No.

Will he be playing a random collection of songs throughout his career in new keys set to sometimes unrecognizable new tempos and melodies? Yes.

Will it be endlessly entertaining? Probably not.

But, it’s Bob Dylan! How much longer will he tour? And  will a songwriter of this caliber ever come along again? Enough hypotheticals. He may not need your 45 bucks, but he certainly has earned it.

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