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The Best Frozen Yogurt in Austin


Frozen yogurt is the new cupcake.

Just as cupcakes once replaced bacon as the new food trend, with bakeries popping up on every street corner and reality TV chronicling the trials and tribulations of the cake and cupcake creators, you now cannot drive more than four blocks in Austin without stumbling upon a self-serve, soft-serve (say that three times fast) frozen yogurt establishment. [We have since avoided television shows about the owners of these establishments, but it is only a matter of time before we see Fro-Yo Family premiering on TLC.] There are literally eight fro-yo shops withing a 5 mile radius.

So, Austinites, how do you know which ones are truly the best? How can you distinguish among all the cutesy plays on the word yogurt to determine which establishment you should go to find your favorite flavor or the most interesting toppings? And most importantly…how much do they cost, and can you park there?

Lucky for y’all, I have sacrificed my stomach in the name of culinary competition and visited eight different establishments to find out what you need to know to make a decision about where to go to serve yourself an icy blend of deliciousness. Without further ado: The Best Frozen Yogurt in Austin!


Best Overall; Best for Families; Most Eco-Friendly

A family owned-and-operated establishment, BerryAustin was opened with a driving purpose to not only serve great yogurt, but to promote recycling. The entire decor is themed around re-purposed materials (incredible wall mosaics and mirrors framed in plastic bottle tops), and all of the furniture was salvaged from craigslist. They are the only frozen yogurt place to have reusable “green” bowls and real spoons for in-house dining. Much of the memorabilia is Austin-themed, kitschy and eclectic. If Austin Attitude and Miss Frozen Yogurt had a lovechild, BerryAustin would be it.

  • Price Per Ounce: 39 cents
  • Number of Flavors: 10 (with one non-dairy and one sugar-free)
  • Unique Flavor: Pink Lemonade Sorbet
  • Distinctive Toppings: Dehydrated Cereal Marshmallows (like those from Lucky Charms), Cocoa Puffs, Maraschino Cherry Juice
  • Special Events: Hot Fudge Sundaes Sundays
  • Live & Active Yogurt Cultures Certified? Yes.
  • Nutrition Info Posted? Yes.
  • Parking? Lot.
  • Address: 5523 Balcones Dr.


Best Flavor, Best Downtown

When you go to tart. you can be sure you will be getting a truly yummy yogurt. Michael, the owner, creates his own organic fruit purees and combines them with his yogurt base in custom-made machines to produce a product that actually tastes like the fruit from which it was made. [Seriously, the raspberry was incredible.] Five of the 12 flavors are certified USDA Organic. This is an ambitious little fro-yo shop, with plans for adding smoothies, parfaits, wraps, and homemade waffle bowls to the menu within a few weeks.

  • Price Per Ounce: 45 cents
  • Number of Flavors: 12 (with sugar-free options available)
  • Unique Flavors: Avocado, Cinnamon Bun, Coconut, S’mores
  • Distinctive Toppings: Rainbow Mochi, Golden Grahams
  • Live & Active Yogurt Cultures Certified? Yes.
  • Nutrition Info Posted? For some, not all
  • Parking? Will validate for City Hall parking.
  • Address: 241 W. 2nd St.

Juicy Tart

Best for UT Students

Juicy Tart is definitely centered around the UT student body. The owner himself said to me, “Frozen yogurt is the same place-to-place, so you have to create an atmosphere for the students.” Offering free wi-fi, flat screen TVs, a karaoke room, and ample space with larger tables for studying, it is certainly somewhere I would have liked to study. There is also a frequent buyer club and the shop provides opportunities for student groups to have fundraising events.

  • Price Per Ounce: 39 cents
  • Number of Flavors: 12
  • Unique Flavor: Root Beer Float, Coffee
  • Distinctive Toppings: Dulce de leche, jackfruit, Lucky Charms
  • Live & Active Yogurt Cultures Certified? No.
  • Nutrition Info Posted? No.
  • Parking? VERY small lot. (I almost got into an accident backing out of it.) Street parking.
  • Address: 504 W. 24th St

The Best of the Rest:

Best Variety: The Yogurt Spot (500 N. Lamar) has 16 flavors, and all of them are good (especially “Green Tea Envy”)

Best “Special”: Happy Hour at Yummy Yo Frozen Yogurt (360 Nueces St.): Monday-Thursday, 2-5, Buy 2 get 1 Free, or Buy 1 get one Half Off

Best for Calorie Counting: Fro-yo-yo (3201 Bee Caves Rd.) offers “Only 8!” flavors, with only 8 calories per oz.

Best Plain Tart: Swirll (2310 Guadalupe St.)