Squeeze and the English Beat
The British invade Denver this Saturday, July 26 when the English Beat and Squeeze play a show at Ogden Theater

Prepare for a middle-aged, British Invasion this Saturday, July 26, when two popular 80s’ bands, Squeeze and The English Beat, take the stage at Denver’s Ogden Theatre.

If the only song you know by Squeeze is their 1981 hit “Tempted,” a well-crafted pop song overplayed on light rock stations nationwide, then you really don’t know the band. First of all, Tempted is one of the few songs sung by the band’s former keyboardist, Paul Carrack (Elvis Costello also makes a cameo appearance on the original recording). Founding member Glenn Tillbrook takes lead vocals on most Squeeze songs, fronting the band throughout their long career–1974 to the present.

The band’s core members, Glenn Tillbrook (guitar, vocals) and Chris Difford  (guitar, vocals) share songwriting duties: Tillbrook composes the music, Difford writes lyrics; they’ve been compared to the legendary songwriting teams of Lennon and McCartney and Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Squeeze, who hasn’t recorded a new album since the 90s’, will concentrate on their biggest hits on Sunday, such as “Pulling Mussels (From the Shell),” “Coffee in Bed,” and “Cool for Cats.”


The English Beat (known simply as The Beat in the U.K.) are legends of second wave (2 tone) ska. Founded in 1978, The English Beat, along with contemporaries The Specials and The Selecter, was an integrated band that fused Jamaican rhythms with punk and new wave rock. Ska bashing is a national pastime in the United States, mostly after a deluge of substandard ska punk flooded radio stations in the mid-90s’. But, English musicians have typically been more open to and adept at playing traditional Jamaican ska, due to the huge influx of Jamaican immigrants to the U.K. in the 60s’. Expect to hear classic hits like “Mirror in the Bathroom” and “Can’t Get Used to Losing You” as The English Beat celebrates the 30th anniversary of their 1980 debut album “I Just Can’t Stop It.”

Squeeze and The English Beat play the Ogden Theatre on July 26 at 8:00 pm.

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