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Artful Food at the Orange County Fair


CJ Spiller Pepperoni, Cheese and Olives for Subway Sandwich Shops by food sculptor Jim Victor, who will be at the Orange County Fair.

Does anyone find this year’s Orange County Fair slogan “The Beat Goes On” a little ironic when one thinks about the combination of foods like deep fried butter and rides that jerk, twirl, and drop you in breathtaking ways?  The worst part is that it’s tough to know exactly what some of the foods really are.  Most of us are aware that “hot dog” = mishmash of mystery animal parts, but is deep fried butter really…

What do you do with your butter?
…butter?  Yep, it is, and if you think that butter can and should be more, then you should head over to Artful Fare.

On the Exhibit Promenade of the OC Fair, not everything is cooked to kill.  Jim Victor will be demonstrating live his sculpting skills in cheese, fruit, butter, and more.  Once a week you can watch or register for culinary competitions with various themes; the International Foods Festival is August 8.  Artful Fare at the OC Fair on the Exhibit Promenade presents you with whole new perspective on everything from bread to vegetables.

A number of other demonstrators will be on hand during the fair experience, including Hannah Isaacs and Top Class Pizza with the art of pizza making, Claudia Naffziger demonstrating tea blending, Debbi Dubbs with a Gazpacho Couscous Salad, and Chef Haig showing off organic BBQ spice rubs.  Your fair food experience doesn’t have to be an adversarial one.  And by stopping by one of the fancy cooking demonstrations or checking out some of the truly impressive bread carvings by Chef Bruno Albouze gives you the excuse of counting your visit to the OC Fair as a “cultural experience.”