Support thrifting- and local Denver charities!

Between working and taking care of your loved ones, many cannot find the drive or time to volunteer with organizations. You are not alone! There are many other ways to donate to charities without volunteering time.

We all know thrifting is a great way to find awesome deals, but it also helps out the environment. According to Earth 911, disposal of waste to landfills has decreased from 89% in 1980 to 54% in 2007. Many of these thrift stores are the largest contributor to charities in Denver, and by taking donations they also cut down on waste, that would otherwise end up in landfills. It’s a win-win situation!

As a recent transplant to Denver (and shopping enthusiast), I have put together a list of stores in the Denver Metro and surrounding areas that donate proceeds to charities, and help those in need. To find out more information on the stores, including which organizations they support, hours, and events; please click on the name of the store, which will redirect you to their website.

1. Cancer Cache Thrift & Gift-

11528 W. Colfax Lakewood, CO 80215

2. Second Time Shop Junior League-

5042 East Hampden Avenue, Denver, CO 80222-7329

3. Catholic Worker Used Furniture Plus-

1011 Park Ave. W Denver, CO 80205

4. Porter Volunteer Association Thrift Shop-

2379 S Downing St. Denver, CO 80210

5. Arc Thrift Stores-

Several locations throughout Denver and Surrounding Areas

6. Wash Perk- Coffee shop dedicated to helping out in the community.

853 E. Ohio Ave. Denver, CO 80209

7. Goodwill-

Several locations through Denver and Surrounding Areas

8. Salvation Army-

Several locations through Denver and Surrounding Areas

9. Safari Seconds-

414 Broadway Denver, Colorado 80203

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