Bret Michaels
So, yeah…Bret Michaels, the recent winner of “The Celebrity Apprentice” and the recent survivor of a massive brain aneurysm, is in trouble. The Poison singer, according to reports, had two of his buses pulled over in Indiana, and police found some interesting shit. No, not a dead baby in a trash can, left by one of those harlots from “Rock of Love!” Drugas.

Marijuana and “unidentified controlled substances” were found on two of Bret’s buses on Wednesday, after police searched the rides.

Hey officers — if you need help identifying those controlled substances, let me know. So, of course, cops pulled the bus caravan over because one of the buses had a problematic light. They called in search dogs, for some reason. Maybe to fix the light? The dogs happened to smell some shit during walkthroughs of the bus; Bret was not on the bus where the drugs were found.

I wonder why the cops searched the buses? What was the probably cause here?

In a statement, reps for Bret said that “two of Bret’s tour buses were pulled over late last night. Officers on the scene claimed there were no trailer tag lights. No arrests were made. Mr. Michaels allowed an open search of the buses and everything was handled in a professional manner.”

Entertainment Weed Found On Two Of Bret Michaels’ Tour Buses