Last night at Sal’s Comedy Hole in Hollywood, Joe Rogan (backed-up by Ari Shaffir) performed a super fun, live comedy set!  The place is small and comfortable with a full bar, but most importantly, it feels raw.  Inside the room I could feel the electricity of an animated crowd ready to engage and partake in the unique comic perspective that is Joe Rogan. It felt like, what I imagine,  NYC, underground comedy clubs may have felt like in the 1970-80s.

Though Los Angeles has always been know for its comedy writers and its official “houses” of comedy, Joe Rogan’s performance last night at Sal’s Comedy Hole was a perfect example of L.A.’s thriving cultural underground; fueled by the digital revolution.

No longer controlled by the old, cultural guard, public access to L.A.’s creative greatness has never been easier. Like the internet itself, creative democracy is taking over the cultural landscape of Los Angeles, and through new mechanism like Twitter, access to these creative nebulae is no longer held hostage by limited information.

The cultural importance of Los Angeles and its organic, underground art, music, food, and now comedy, scenes is clear.  L.A. has a ravenous appetite for new culture, and the culture creators of Los Angeles are easier to find now than ever.

Culture Review: Joe Rogan Live at Sal’s Comedy Hole in Los Angeles