Learn more about the film industry with like-minded Austinites.

I am sure that the idea of making a movie, or simply being a part of the process, is one that has passed through many people’s minds. For one reason or another, those dreams rarely meet fruition and instead are locked away with your goal of dropping that extra ten pounds and fixing that squeaky floor board. However, where few dare to tread, there is a group of people who offer support to those who wish to make their cinematic dreams a reality. I am speaking of none other than the Austin Film Meet. This non-profit organization is run exclusively by volunteers and is open to any and all with the desire and determination to make a film.

Currently headed by H.Cherdon Bedford, after a short string of fleeting organizers, the Austin Film Meet has earned a reputation of accomplishing the goals set before them. This is done by providing actors, directors, stylists, designers, and the like with workshops, casting lists, resource links (equipment, music, etc), and various other forms of assistance. Like the city for which it is name, the AFM is a fun and welcoming environment certain to stir up your creativity.

After the tour, join the AFM at the ACEFEST Industry Party.

The Austin Film Meet convenes every Monday at assorted Austin locations. The next meeting will be a field trip to the MAKING MOVIES exhibit at the Harry Ransom Center on Thursday, July 29. This will be the Austin Film Meet’s first such event and will follow with ACEFEST’s Industry-wide Networking Party. Like all AFM meetings, the tour is free; the after party however, requires a pre-paid ticket. You must RSVP for this event. See schedule below.

5:30 pm Announcements
6:00 pm Tours begin
7:00 pm Museum closes; head over to Speakeasy

Any further inquiries can be made to me@austinfilmmeet.com

Community Austin Film Meet Supports Indie Filmmakers