James Hetfield
So, a week or so ago, we brought you a story about this dude Jamie Woods, who is a complete dumbass. He successfully spearheaded a petition to get Metallica to play his home town as Christchurch, New Zealand, and then, sat around on his ass and totally dropped the ball when it came to getting tickets. He was “absolutely slaughtered” when tickets sold out and he didn’t get one.

Now, according to reports, Woods recently received a phone call from the band’s management, telling him he could have two free tickets to one of the Christchurch shows next month. Dude’s jaw dropped when the woman told him the band also wanted to meet him.

“I didn’t cry this time, I froze,” he says. Jamie Woods at first thought it was one of his friends pranking him. “I said to her, ‘That’s not nice, you cannot do that to someone. That’s bloody cruel.’”

This guy is lucky. He absolutely fucked up when tickets went on sale, and for that, I feel like he shouldn’t be allowed to attend the show. He screwed up, didn’t get a ticket, and now the band is swooping in to save the day. Let’s just hope no 21-year-old college students disappear from this show. I wouldn’t mind if Woods never came back from this show.

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