Where do you want it?
At least that’s what Lambgoat is claiming. Josh Broadhead, who sang for erstwhile Kansas City, Missouri, metalcore outfit Saved By Grace, has died. He was just 29-years-old.

I couldn’t find a picture of Broadhead, and this is kind of a downer of a story, so I used a picture of a hot girl, waiting like a baby bird for that worm. Maybe that will counteract what you are about to read.

Lambgoat claims that while “details remain unclear, Broadhead apparently hanged himself on Monday.” That is a tough way to go, man. I just hope Broadhead is in a better place now. Jeez, that sucks.

Saved By Grace formed in 1999 and were active through 2002. They called it quits in 2003. Some former members of the band went on to work in Hopesfall and Eighteen Visions.

Awful, awful news. But it should be a big day for hits over at for Noisegeek.

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