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Russian Circles Involved In Tour-Killing Accident


Russian Circles
At least that’s how things are looking for the progressive instrumental metallers. If they can not get replacement gear and a new van and trailer, that trek they are on with the almighty Boris could be in peril.

The band took to Facebook last night to report that their “van and trailer just got destroyed in [an] accident,” and asked if there were “any bands near here that may have [a] van and trail[er] to help us get to [the] venue ASAP?” The band will miss at least a few dates as a result of the crash.

The good news is, no one was killed or injured in the mishap. “Everyone is fine. Just drum set, van, and trailer are dust,” their Facebook wall reads. “Definitely not happy about the gear, van or trailer. But happy we are all alive — if it hit the van instead of the trailer, we could not be.”

Not sure what “it” is. Probably a car or truck — whatever crashed into them. I am sure more details will be coming henceforth. Let’s hope they can get everything resolved and resume touring soon. Good luck, boys.