Darkest Hour
My, how things have come full-circle. In 2005, Devin Townsend produced Washington D.C. metal outfit Darkest Hour’s Undoing Ruin, which happened to be a pretty insane record. Three years earlier, Devin produced what some consider to be Soilwork’s best record, Natural Born Chaos.

Now, Soilwork guitarist Peter Wilchers — who is now a producer in his own right, having teamed up with All That Remains for The Fall of Ideals and took control of Soilwork’s latest, The Panic Broadcast — is producing Darkest Hour’s next LP, according to a press release.

The band will soon enter the studio with Wilchers, and are “really excited about working with Peter on this album. It’s going to be amazing collaborating with such an inventive and unique guitarist/musician to produce and document what we feel is the most emotional and melodic Darkest Hour album to date,” offers drummer Ryan Parish.

Darkest Hour set out to accomplish the brutal, and think they’ll be able to get there easily with Wilchers behind the boards. “I am very exited to work alongside the Darkest Hours guys, and I know from hearing some of their new material that it will be a killer one,” says Wilchers about the pairing.

OK, now there’s another disc to add to my list of things I must hear in the not-so-distant future.

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