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Reconstruction of the Fables: A Tribute to 30 Years of REM at the World Cafe Live

Ike to host an REM tribute show at the World Cafe Live on Thursday, August 5th
Ike to host an REM tribute show at the World Cafe Live on Thursday, August 5th

In a 30th anniversary tribute to REM, the World Café Live  will host local favorite Ike on Thursday, August 5th.  A band native to Philadelphia, Ike throws a better show than Andrew Lloyd Weber high on the medicinal marijuana prescribed for his prostate cancer.  Playing a set list of eleven songs that will include the full spectrum of REM’s work, Ike will be joined by a diverse group of Philadelphia musicians in a musical homage to this prolific and influential band.  Doors are at 7 p.m., the show starts at 8, and tickets can be purchased here.    For those of you who don’t trust the scary infinity that is the internet, they can also be purchased by calling 215-222-1400.  Nothing is free in life, and this isn’t either, but tickets are only $13 and $18 in advance and $15 and $20 the day of the show.   
I Like Ike
Ike is John Faye, lead vocals and guitar, Brett Talley, lead guitar and vocals, Susan Steen, bass, and Tom Kristich, drums.  If the name sounds familiar, it probably is…you would have heard them on the radio playing such hits as Into Philadelphia.  Ike’s new album, Tie the Knot with All That you Got, is available on iTunes here, and has received such rave reviews that you’ll want to Google them yourself for your own reading pleasure. 
Ike is not alone in this endeavor, and is joined by a great cast of characters ranging from the independent to the multi-faceted.   Drop by to see Chris Schutz, The Jellybricks, Joshua Park, Transistor Rodeo, The Rigbees, Braxton Parker, members of Atomic Square, Tim McGlone and  Jonah Delso, Dylan McGuire, and The Beekeepers.
Noble like Clark Gable
All proceeds from this show will go to benefit the National Wildlife Federation and Free Arts for Abused Children.  Not like you needed an excuse to go, but this presents the opportunity to feel morally superior to your neighbor, who might not be planning to attend the experience that is Ike and friends.  How did this altruistic night of face-melting rock come to be?  A World Café Live employee glimpsed a YouTube clip of members of Ike jamming with an REM tribute band in Georgia, a state that has oft hosted the band before in their musical travels.  Clearly, then, Ike has the experience to pull off an event such as this, and the night can only be enhanced by the overwhelming support of the participating bands.  Remember, doors are at 7, show starts at 8, and the World Café Live is where it all shakes down.  Come out for a noble cause, a great night of tunes, and an REM saturation that will satisfy even the most diehard of fans.