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Dinner and a Movie: Central Cinema Offers Seattle Film Lovers Something Different


Date Nights are always a difficult thing to maneuver. How to do something creative and new but still have the same fun that you are accustomed to having.  Dinner and a movie are always a safe choice, yet you don’t want to appear unoriginal.

Central Cinema has solved this problem by offering both of these options at the same time in a fun and creative way.  At Central Cinema you are provided with a comfortable movie watching experience, they feature sofa seating and mood lighting.  Along with this is waiter service providing gourmet popcorn and delicious pizzas along with an extensive Beer selection.  Central Cinema also is looking out for your wallet, with tickets at a mere 5$ advance and 7$ at the door.  Good luck finding a price like that anywhere except the Crest.

The best part about Central Cinema is that they offer older, nostalgic films as well as independent new releases. For example this August they are going to be running “The Raiders of the Lost Ark” as well as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. They also offer midnight showings of films that are considered to be Cult Classics such as “Wet, Hot, American Summer”. So if you want to show an evening of nostalgia and old-fashioned fun Central Cinema has all of the classic offerings you would expect.

Central Cinema has everything needed for a quality evening out: Food, Drink, and Film. With its niche charm and fun atmosphere it is a guaranteed hit that should never leave you feeling dissatisfied whether it is a date night or just a fun evening out on the town. It is a venue that appeals to all ages and is located in the Central District on 21st and Union St.