Spencer Turnick's Latest Work
Spencer Turnick's Latest Work

Spencer Tunick is famous for photographs that have thousands of nude people assembled in well known settings from Ireland to Mexico.  You can see his work on his website where you can even sign up if you want to participate in one of his installations.  According to Art Info his latest work includes 5,000 people in front of the Sydney Opera House.  In February the Herald Sun reported that Lady Gaga had at one time written an 80-page thesis on the photographer and that when Tunick learned Gaga would be performing at the Mardi Gras in March, he invited her to join in the installation.

“I would like to send an open invitation to Lady GaGa to fly to Australia and participate in my next installation in Sydney at the Opera House on March 1,” Tunick said from Hawaii.

“I was thinking she could slip in there anonymously and no one would know she was there. I’d be glad to not tell a soul.

“Or maybe she would want to pose, maybe she would want people to know she was there but just couldn’t be found in the crowd. You know, then it could be like ‘where’s Lady Gaga?”

We still don’t know if Lady Gaga actually showed up, but who knows, maybe someone will find her in the crowd?

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