Double Vision by Jacci Den Hartog
Double Vision by Jacci Den Hartog

Jacci Den Hartog’s sculptures appear manifested and maintained by air.  Suspended and floating in the space a couple of feet in front of the wall(s) they are attached to, they reminded me of a western movie set, that feeling of fascinating fakery, land that has been created by man, not nature. The landscapes look rugged but have a delicate feel as they float alone in space.  The colors and materials brought back memories of dioramas from the Museum of Natural History, again, the reenactment of history.  But there’s also a Dr. Seuss element to the pieces, as they twist and climb in their crazy colors.  All of this is very child like yet the pieces are installed so that you can look down on them, observe them from above, making the viewer feel larger than life.

Murakami's "My Lonesome Cowboy"

At the same time, I thought of Murakami’s “My Lonesome Cowboy” with that splunk whipping around as a lariat.  The pieces are like a lava flow that is sensuous and stringy made from materials that come from childhood.  All of these contradictions come together to create a new kind of fantastically fabricated landscape that mixes childhood feelings up in a subtle way.

There’s a review by Culture Monster’s David Pagel you can read here.

The show is at Rosamund Felsen Gallery through August 14.

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