The Ultimate Urban Scavenger Race

The Denver Challenge: The Adventurous Way to Learn About Denver 

The Denver Challenge is an urban race/adventure coming to Denver on Saturday, August 21st.  Starting at 1 PM, teams will run around Denver looking for clues and competing against each other to win this extraordinary race.  The race requires strategy, an ability to solve challenging clues, and a willingness to explore hidden corners of our city. The Denver Challenge tests both your brain power as well as your racing abilities.  There are prizes for the top finishers but everyone benefits, including The Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver.  

An Exciting Adventure With Benefits 

Even if your team doesn’t end up being one of the top finishers, you will have a blast figuring out the clues on this city-wide adventure.  By completing the race, you will also learn things about Denver you never knew.  Best of all, you will be creating lasting memories and helping the Boys and Girls Clubs of Denver. 

Teams of 2 or more race around the city.

Important Information: 

  1. Anyone can participate (any age and all fitness levels). Those under 18 must be paired up with an adult.
  2. You need to register by August 13th.  Register online
  3. The Race starts at 1PM at The Tavern Downtown  1949 Market St.  Denver, CO 80202 Map It
  4. The cost is $70 for adults and $35 for children grades K-12:  You will receive a clue packet, T-shirt, and race-number bib.  Fees also contribute towards prizes, and a portion of the proceeds go towards The Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver.

More About The Race

  • You make your own course as you plot your route from clue to clue.
  • Although the race starts at 1 PM, you can come as early as 10 AM to pick up your pre-race packet.
  • You will be solving strands of interconnected clues.
  • Although being fit helps, wit and wise planning are important factors towards winning.  The prizes are:  1st  – $200,  2nd  – $100, 3rd – $50 and Best Costume – 2 awards of $50.
  • The Challenge typically takes 2.5 hours, but can take as long as 4 hours.
  • Got any more questions?  Click on FAQ  for more details.

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