East of downtown Denver and west of Colorado Avenue sits some of the best restaurants in Denver—and many of them are very reasonably priced, too. The variety is vast but some stand out even amongst the overwhelming selection of food, style and atmosphere.


Steuben's is located at 517 East 17th Ave
Steuben's is located at 517 East 17th Ave

Steuben’s is one of those rare diners that strives to be everything—great atmosphere, incredible food, top-notch liquor, environmentally conscious—and succeeds at it. Made with locally-grown foods, this American restaurant throws you back to all the foods you loved as a child including Mac and Cheese and Fried Chicken and then mixes in some savory additions like Whiskey Braised Beef and Cayenne Etoufee. You may have to wait on busy evenings, but it probably won’t be long and it will be well worth it.

Vine St Pub 

The Vine St Pub is located on the northwest corner of 17th Ave and Vine St
The Vine St Pub is located on the northwest corner of 17th Ave and Vine St

The Vine St Pub boasts an eclectic atmosphere that is extremely friendly yet almost elitist thanks to high demand and limited seating. If you go at a busy time, you will likely be waiting for a while. The staff has been gracious in the past though and serves up fresh fries and even the occasional free beer for those patiently standing by. The giant patio frees up some of the indoor space in the summertime so the wait won’t be as long, and corn hole on the west patio can make for a great pastime either way.

Once you get a seat, you can be sure that basically anything you order will be outstanding. Vegetarians will feel at home here and allergies can be taken care of easily. The beer selection, most of which is brewed by the joint, is all-expansive and accommodating to every taste palette be it the super hoppy and biting XXX Pale Ale or the tangy and surprisingly pleasant Blackberry Wheat.

A word to the wise—Vine St does not accept credit cards, so either have a check book ready or get cash out beforehand to avoid the ATM fees.

Irish Snug

The Irish Snug is at 1201 East Colfax Ave

This casual hangout brings the typical Irish bar necessities you’ve come to appreciate and adds a few extras that push it over the top. Deep fried bar food and a good beer selection are combined with a weekday happy hour until 7 PM, healthier (and exceptional) salad alternatives and a patio that almost always leaves space for more.

Beer and good company may be enough for some, but more often than not you will stop by and be surprised with great live music, free pub trivia, bingo and even a runner’s club that goes out every Thursday if you feel so inclined to participate.

WaterCourse Foods

WaterCourse is found at 837 East 17th Ave

WaterCourse is a 100 percent vegetarian menu that has stood the test of time against hardcore carnivores and impossibly picky eaters. This environmentally-conscious restaurant has retained its vision while maintaining reasonable prices with a changing menu to keep visitors coming back for more. If you only ever try one vegetarian restaurant, make it this one.

Thai Basil

Thai Basil is perhaps the black sheep in the mix becuase it is a chain restaurant. This Thai restaurant deserves recognition, however, for its heaping portions of soul-warming food that make for great leftovers and prices that can’t be beat. Beer drinkers will enjoy their 50 cent beer “special” which each patron can get once with any entrée. The cozy little place differs starkly from its unappealing exterior when you walk in and are greeted with bright paint, patterned textiles and dark wood hues.

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