True Blood
True Blood

All “True Blood” fans know that Sookie Stackhouse is a telepath. As the series continues, fans wonder about Sookie’s origins and parentage beyond her telepathic abilities due to some facts and events that occur in the show. Many of these facts corroborate the truth of Sookie’s nature, revealed later in the “Southern Vampire Mysteries” by Charlaine Harris (the series upon which “True Blood” is based).

If you’re interested in analyzing the facts, I’ve recounted many of them in the list below. To learn the actual answer about Sookie, please scroll to the bottom after reading the evidence and click the link under ‘the truth.’

The Facts (disclosed thus far in the series—no spoiler alert if you’re caught up):

  • Sookie has telepathic abilities.
  • Sookie can’t read the minds of vampires.
  • She can read the minds of some other supernatural creatures such as shifters and weres.
  • Bill and others seem to have been investigating Sookie’s lineage.
  • Vampires take a special interest in Sookie and seem to have an attraction to her.
  • When seriously threatened, Sookie can emit a light from her hand; this seems to stop those intending to harm her.
  • When unconscious and in the hospital in the most recent episode, Sookie had an ethereal dream or vision in which she met one Claudine.
  • Jason revealed that Sookie was born at home and had never been to the hospital prior to
    What is the light emitting from Sookie's hand?
    What is the light emitting from Sookie's hand?

    her most recent emergency.

  • Maryann Forrester was intrigued by Sookie’s nature, indicating that Sookie has an ability considered rare, even among supernatural beings.
  • After feeding on Sookie, Bill receives few negative effects from sun exposure. While he took a lot of blood, this may be an indication that her blood is somehow heartier than that of other humans.
  • The hospital was unable to determine Sookie’s blood type indicating that she ‘has no blood type.’
  • Sophie, Louisiana’s queen, has taken a special interest in Hadley—revealed to be Sookie’s cousin.
Maryann asks Sookie: "What ARE you?"
Maryann asks Sookie: "What ARE you?"

The Truth:

The book series reveal the truth about Sookie Stackhouse. Beyond what Sookie actually is, the experience is the true focus of her life. Like all people—fictional, supernatural, human or not—Sookie learns more about who she is as she ages. This is a theme to which most readers and viewers relate.

For the answer about Sookie’s true nature, please click below to page 2. (NOTE: This IS a spoiler alert for those who have not read all published books.)

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