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Zakk Calm
Zakk Calm
Last week, I spoke with Zakk Wylde during a conference call in which he said he’d break someone’s legs if it took four days in the studio to get a guitar tone, so I asked him: Have you ever actually broken someone’s leg, Zakk? I got him to admit that he has not — not intentionally anyways — and he’s never killed anyone.

Yet, according to Blabbermouth, Zakk’s back to his old ways, talking big about breaking legs and killing dudes. I thought after getting him to admit he has never done such a thing, I figured he’d stop saying such things. I never threaten to break people’s legs or kill them. I threaten to spit on them or scratch them — things I am actually capable of. But that doesn’t stop Zakk, who I am sure if quite capable of leg-breaking and man-killing. After all, some men deserve killing.

Zakk was asked about the now infamous egg-throwing incident some Ozzfests ago — in which Sharon Osbourne had kids pelt Iron Maiden with eggs — and what his take on the whole situation is.

“The whole thing is ridiculous,” he says. “ What it should have been down to is [Sharon] should’ve just talked with their manager and just said, ‘Hey, look it. Tell your guy to shut the fuck up. And if he mentions one more thing, you guys are off the tour,’” Zakk starts; of course, Sharon got mad at Maiden for slagging Ozzy off. Zakk says if after that, Bruce Dickinson kept running his yap, “pull the power on them right there. Have a guy sitting on the side of the stage every fucking night and the minute he says one bad thing about Ozzy, break his fucking legs and you’re off and you’re on your way. That’s it. Done.”

See? Leg breaking talk again. But then, he was asked what would’ve happened if it was he who the youngsters had targeted with eggs? “If anyone ever threw eggs at me, I’d break their fucking legs, dude. I’d stop the show right there and whoever was throwing the fucking eggs — I’d fuckin’ morgue them. I wouldn’t hospitalize them. I’d fuckin’ kill them, right there.”

Let me remind you — Zakk has never broken anyone’s leg on purpose and he has never killed anyone. I guess he’d have a change of heart if he were pelted with eggs. Or maybe he’s just talks a big game. I challenge everyone to test this theory. Bring eggs to Black Label Society shows, and let’s see what happens.

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