According to numerous Facebook posts, All Shall Perish — who are part of this year’s Summer Slaughter tour — were involved in a “bad van accident” Sunday morning and hence, missed some dates on the trek. They’re the second band we’ve heard of this week to befall such peril; Shadows Fall and Winds of Plague — who are sharing a bus on the Mayhem Festival — have a new bus now after being stranded for more than a day, resulting in their missing two Mayhem dates.

In the posts, All Shall Perish claim they “almost have a solution in place…we are shooting to make it to the Denver show. Go check out The Red Chord; they are probably eating pancakes right now and laughing about our situation.”

Earlier, the band had written that the van was mangled, but that they are “all fine as are the other people involved. However, we might not be able to continue the tour.”

The band has been working for hours on a solution to the Summer Slaughter smash-up, and apologized to fans in Minnesota, where they’re missing a gig.

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