Hungry fans outside the Buttermilk Truck in LA. Photo by the Buttermilk Truck web site.

Foodie Fests are great places to practice gluttony, which has a hard time keeping up with the tummy-tucks and Barbie bodies of SoCal culture. For one day, August 28, 2010, throw out the diet and get ready for a food fest of epic proportions at the Honda Center in Anaheim.

People in LA and OC will drive miles and wait in long lines to get a taste from a famed food truck, so OC Foodie Fest is coordinating dozens of gourmet food trucks together for a meals on wheels event that will make any ice cream man look like small potatoes.

This premiere event is taking place Saturday, August 28th at the Honda Center in Anaheim.  Plus being the only place to be for any self-respecting foodie, OC Foodie Fest will also feature a unique forum to showcase local entertainment and shopping to help support local charities.

Tickets are only $12 on pre-order sale, or you can show your true devotion to your tastebuds by purchasing a $50 VIP ticket. What are you waiting for? It’s not every day that such good eats and creative names as the Buttermilk Truck, Nom Nom Truck, India Jones and Oh for Sweets Sake are in the same place. Check out tickets here, and follow the Foodie Fest on Twitter here.

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