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Preview: Lady Gaga Brings Her Monster Ball to the Staples Center

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Lady Gaga is set to claw her way into the Staples Center tonight, playing the first night of her two-day Monster Ball Tour residency in Los Angeles.

The mega-star has garnered much controversy with her stage antics lately, often vigilantly voicing socio-political opinions in between sets and screaming obscenities and nonsensical statements at the audience as well.  She has been very clear about her affirmative attitude towards the rights of the LGBT community, and recently gained attention by giving a lengthy mid-concert lecture on her disgust with Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law, catching the attention of anti-gay and anti-immigration protesters who park themselves outside of her concerts nightly and harass concert-goers who “fit the bill”.

Gaga has been quite the hit machine this last year, pumping out the devious “Poker Face”, the club anthem “Just Dance”, and the mind bending “Bad Romance”.  Her rise to fame was volcanic, brewing as a song writer for many years before explosively emerging as the pop-monster that is Lady Gaga.  Her live show is said to be a visual spectacle, incorporating LED screens, a handful of scantily clad dancers, endless props, and a live band as well.  Certainly, the likes of Madonna, Janet, Michael, and even Britney have paved the way for this type of concert-going experience, but Lady Gaga has proven that not only can she set herself apart as an artist, but take these high-concept shows to another level of extravaganza.  If her pulsating music videos and wildly fun appearances on shows such as American Idol and the MTV Video Music Awards are of any reference at all, fans can be sure that they will be smacked in the face with a claw-full of glam, magic, and glittery nightmare this evening.

In attendance tonight will be yours truly, so be sure to look out for a review of tonight’s Lady Gaga: The Monster Ball Tour.