The Parking Lot Movie will be the first offering in the new season of Independent Lens
The Parking Lot Movie will be the first offering in the new season of Independent Lens

Starting October, local PBS stations across the country will begin airing the new season of documentaries and films from Independent Lens.

“…the four-time Emmy Award-winning series Independent Lens is like an independent film festival in your living room. Each episode introduces new documentaries and dramas made by independent thinkers: filmmakers who are taking creative risks, calling their own shots, and finding untold stories in unexpected places.”

But even before that, starting in September, the films will be screened in theaters in 65 cities across America through Community Cinema. The screenings include panel discussions with members of your community and it’s all for free. Here’s how it works:

“Previews of Independent Lens films are shown from September to May, followed by lively panel discussions that connect communities with relevant organizations, resources and opportunities to get involved in some of today’s key social issues. Screenings take place from two weeks to two months prior to the national television broadcast.”

Check the Community Cinema website to see when a preview screening will be happening near you. The screening schedule hasn’t been updated yet for the 2010 – 2011 season, but the upcoming season of films is already set. The new season kicks off with The Parking Lot Movie.

“The Parking Lot Movie chronicles the rarefied world of one small parking lot in a college town, and the asphalt philosophers who work as attendants there scrutinizing cars and license plates, capitalism, anger, justice, drunkenness, spiritual awareness, class struggle, entitlement, and the plight of the service sector worker.”

With 28 new films over the next year — 12 of those between October and the end of the year — there will be plenty of fine filmmaking to choose from and terrific opportunities to see the films for free before they air on PBS.

“Meet a tribe of asphalt philosophers who have made working at a parking lot an existential experience; delve into the mystery surrounding a family tragedy that exposed long-hidden secrets and opened old wounds; get to know the real Mad Men (and women) of Madison Avenue in the 1960s; meet a survivor of Congo’s civil war who has made it her mission to teach that peace and justice start with forgiveness; and get lost in the World-War II era town one man built in his backyard to cope with the trauma from a brain-damaging attack. Independent Lens spans the country and circles the globe, showcasing wildly diverse documentaries about unforgettable people and places.”

Some of the upcoming movies – and note that these are the dates they will air on PBS – community screenings will take place earlier.

The Parking Lot Movie
October 19

Art & Copy
October 26

Reel Injun: On the Trail of the Hollywood Indian
November 2

The Longoria Affair
November 9

Lost Sparrow
November 16

Deep Down
November 23

Copyright Criminals
November 30

Dirt! The Movie
December 7

December 14

The Calling, Parts I and II
December 20 & 21

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
December 28

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