Eagles Season: How Will You Survive?

Tonight is the Philadelphia Eagles‘ first preseason game. Preseason football is the first hint of autumn; the first nod of beautifully-color leaves and the not-so-distant hopes of a Super Bowl ring. With McNabb out of the picture and Kolb bringing the heat, will the Eagles go all the way? One can only hope. And since its the Eagles, every year is a possible Super Bowl ring, especially in the eyes of die hard fans. But with the fight for a ring, comes the events of the season: the nail-biting tension, the horrible losses, and the incredible wins. It’s a tough thing being an Eagles fan.

So how does one survive the inevitable ups and downs of the Eagles season? Here is a guide to help you do just that.

Be surrounded by friends: Head to your local sports bar or invite friends over to watch the games. Excitement or sadness is always better when shared. Plus you can discuss the pros and cons of McNabb vs. Kolb, as well as the hole left by the late, great Jim Johnson. In Philly for the game? Try heading to McFadden’s or Chickie’s and Pete’s. If you’re in Jersey, the various P.J. Whelihan’s are always a great place to catch the action.

Eat a cheesesteak: Seriously, nothing is more Philly than cheesesteaks. Whether you prefer Jim’s, Tony Luke’s, Geno’s or Pat’s, it’s a great way to cut the edge off the tension before or after a game. Just be prepared to wait in line!

Watch Rocky: Various Eagles players have said that the Rocky theme music gets them pumped for a game. So if you are waiting for Sunday, pop in any of the Rockymovies. It’s a perfect way to spend the time in the week before game day. If you don’t already own all of them, check out Amazon for the collection. While you are waiting for those to be delivered, go to the Art Museum and visit the Rocky statue, and run up those steps!

Ignore the sportscasters: It’s hard for Philly fans to listen to the national sportscasters. No matter how many times the Eagles are in contention, the sport announcers are always bringing down the team. (Joe Buck, I am looking at you!) Maybe turn the TV on mute and turn on the radio. The locals guys don’t hate the team.

What will you do this season to ease the stress of football? It’s a long way until play-offs! Let’s hope the Eagles give an us easy season. But let’s be honest– this is Philadelphia. Nothing comes easy here.

Sports Guide to Surviving the Philadelphia Eagles 2010 Season