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The 2010 Washington Redskins Regular Season Forecast


Skins Preview

*You know a region is football starved when there was so much excitement over a blowout win over the lowly Buffalo Bills in the exhibition opener. How important was the Washington Redskins’ 42-17 victory? It is certainly better than losing 42-17, but in the scope of reality, preseason wins are about as valuable as three-dollar bills. Rex Grossman looked like Johnny Unitas last night. Most NFL fans didn’t even know Rex Grossman was still playing pro football. If someone told the average DC resident he was in town, they would be wondering what Safeway he was stocking shelves at.

The only important thing about these exhibition games is not losing key players to injury. That is why the starters play so little. Could you imagine that tub of goo Albert Haynesworth going down trying to tackle the Bills’ third-string running back? It took him forty-eight tries and a broken stopwatch to pass his conditioning test the week before. Haynesworth could have run those forty-yard dash times faster if he had taken his oversized wallet (see his $20,000,000 payout earlier this year) out of his hip pocket.

For my CULTUREMOB faithful, I’ve agreed to do a game-by-game assessment of the Skins’ 2010 season. I’ve cracked out my Jimmy The Greek Crystal Ball (circa 1975) for these predictions so remain patient if Sonny Jurgensen or Larry Brown make a momentary appearance in the Redskins’ offensive huddle!

Date     Opponent                                Result

9/12        Dallas                       Dallas 21, Washington 17 (L)

9/19         Houston                   Washington 42, Houston 36 (W)

9/26        @ St. Louis             Washington 31, St. Louis 17 (W)

10/3        @ Philly                    Philly 27, Washington 23 (L)

10/10      Green Bay                Green Bay 35, Washington 34 (L)

10/17      Indianapolis             Indianapolis 37, Washington 21 (L)

10/24       @ Chicago                Washington 17, Chicago 10 (W)

10/31       @ Detroit                  Washington 44, Detroit 13 (W)

11/15        Philadelphia              Philly 24, Washington 21 (L)

11/21        @ Tennessee             Washington 33, Tennessee 29 (W)

11/28        Minnesota                   Minnesota 35, Washington 31 (L)

12/5           @ New York Giants      New York 27, Washington 10 (L)

12/12         Tampa Bay            Washington 30, Tampa Bay 21 (W)

12/19        @ Dallas                      Dallas 38, Washington 20 (L)

12/26        @ Jacksonsville      Washington 17, Jacksonville 16 (W)

1/2             New York Giants         New York  21, Washington 3 (L)

 The 2010 Washington Redskins Season in Summation:

From 4-12 to 7-9 is a major improvement. But Mike Shanahan isn’t playing in the lame AFC West anymore. There are no Oakland Raiders to chalk up two easy wins against each season. This is the NFC East. The good new for the Skins: the 7-9 record will be good enough for last place in the division. The bad news: I have them going winless against division rivals New York, Dallas and Philly. But there will be signs of improvement. Trent Williams will blossom into the league’s top offensive line prospect. Larry Johnson Jr. will show flashes of his Kansas City greatness and establish himself as the starting tailback for much of the season. I can’t see Dononvan McNabb surviving the season behind center. My guess is he gets injured somewhere around late November. Defensively, the Skins will dominate enough against the pathetic teams (St. Louis, Jacksonsville. Tampa Bay, etc.) while struggling mightily against the elite offensive units (Indy, Minnesota, Dallas, etc.).

Conclusion: Better than a year ago but still far from playoff-caliber football. Danny “Richy Rich” Snyder will profess happiness but secretly wish that he could fire the entire coaching staff and bring in Bill Cowher after laying an egg in the season finale vs. the hated NY Giants.

Tune back in early January to see just how accurate my predictions are. Let the pigskin fly and let the debating begin!