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Art Review: Naoto Hattori’s ‘Super Bionics’


Super Bionics by Naoto Hattori
Naoto Hattori’s new show called Super Bionics at Copro Gallery goes well with other Low Brow greats that Copro first worked with in the 90’s; Mark Ryden, Robert Williams, Shag and Pizz. What Hattori has in common with Mark Ryden in particular is a refined painting skill.   The name of the show is Super Bionics and you might expect to see robots and electronic hardware throughout.  While there is a mask like feature to some of the characters in a few paintings, what is surprising is how much the images are about earthly nature and the spiritual nature of worlds real and dreamed.  Molecules, nerve tendrils and particles float out of and around heads that look like universes or eggs, creation on display in either case.  Animals and people are merged as one or in symbiotic relationships, reminiscent of ghosts and totems from different cultures.  It’s an interesting mix where the space of galaxies meets the charm of woodland creatures, all re imagined into a new world with new gods.  The images are small and intimate ranging from 4″x6″ to 15″x20″, painted in a delicate and detailed way.  It’s a fascinating tumble when east meets west in the way of anime painted in a European style that you might see at the Huntington Library.

Joy Ride by Naoto Hattori

You can see the entire show online or see it in person at the Copro Gallery through August 28.