There is absolutely nothing wrong with holding your fantasy football draft in your basement, man-cave or garage. But if you want to venture out for what is possibly the last time until the Broncos hang up their cleats in late February (take that Rex Ryan) then you might want to consider one of these four establishments to hold your draft.

First a few considerations. First, call ahead and let them know you are coming, they may be able to reserve the room or area for you. It’s really good if the bar has a separate room, but an area set off is good too; also pick a day during the week when the bar will probably be slow, (Monday-Thursday) and so will be extra happy to have your crew utilize their establishment. Finally, it’s not guaranteed that the servers will be as happy to have you as you are to be there so try and be kind and tip accordingly.

SPORTS COLUMN (1930 Blake Street, 303.296.1930) consistently voted best sports bar in Denver has many perks for a fantasy football draft. It is a sports bar, it has a happy hour 10-close and the Rockies are out of town for this week. Its drawbacks are that you are competing with Trivia Night on Mondays and Thirsty Thursdays has a five dollar admission charge, but the price of the libations are worth the admission fee on Thursday and for the ladies in your draft no admission! But unfortunately with any place in LoDo parking is at a premium.

GOVNR’S PARK (672 Logan Street, 303.831.8605) located in Capital Hill is the kind of neighborhood tavern that reminds one of CHEERS. It has a happy hour from 9-midnight and chances are you and your group will just blend in with the rest of the patrons. The drawback is that you will be competing with Texas Hold ‘Em night and Alaska Ale Fishing Contest.

JACKSON’S located in LoDo (1520 20th Street, 303.298.7625) has plenty of room and has hosted many a fantasy draft parties. However, the drawback is the hours are not conducive during the week for late night drafts, since it’s only open 11-11pm. Since most drafts start after working hours 6/7pm there is no guarantee you will complete your draft by 11pm! Also the LoDo location makes parking a constant headache. But hey if you and yours are going to have an early draft this might be your location.

LODO’S BAR AND GRILL has three viable locations and rooftop access. The LoDo location (1946 Market Street, 303.293.8555) again comes with parking difficulties and you will be competing with other events: Jersey Shore Party and Retro Wednesdays, but did I mention rooftop seating? Having a fantasy draft on the roof in LoDo might be worth the headaches, and Retro Wednesday would give you an excuse to wear that throwback jersey!

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