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Comedy Clubs and Improv Theater in and near Denver

Bovine Metropolis Theater
Bovine Metropolis Theater

We can all use a laugh. Laughter heals. It’s good for our brains. Laughter reveals. It’s catharsis and release. And of course, it’s just plain silly fun.

You can find things that make you laugh anywhere, but sometimes it’s nice (and easier) to buy a ticket, plop down in a seat, be entertained and let someone else do all the work.

Without further ado, comedy clubs and improv theaters in and near Denver.

Comedy Works
1226 15th Street

Improv Denver
8246 East 49th Ave.

Bovine Metropolis Theater
1527 Champa Street

Wits End Comedy Club
6080 West 92 Avenue

Madcap Theater
10679 Westminster Blvd.

Avenue Theater
417 East 17th Ave.

Impulse Theater
1634 18th Street

And finally, if you really don’t want to leave your house we’ve got you covered.

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