Del Mar
Del Mar

Sports movies are like burgers and beer – no matter how many times you’ve seen the combination, it still looks good and tastes delicious. “Secretariat” an upcoming movie from Disney about the legendary racehorse (starring a stunning Diane Lane) is a traditional underdog go-get-em affair, but even the trailer will choke the unwary viewer up with its drama and heart.


See? You can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Experience the verve and drama of horse-racing for yourself in SoCal this fall. Before the movie releases on October 8, 2010, head to Del Mar, Southern California’s very own Churchill Downs, and take a chance on an underdog or just sit back with a cold one and watch the races unfold.

The Del Mar Racing Season runs from July 21 to September 8, and the track offers multiple discount days, special concerts (Weezer or ZZ Top, anybody?) and themed nights that make watching for the next Secretariat or Seabiscuit that much more enjoyable. Tickets are affordable – $6 on the stretch or $10 for a seat in the clubhouse, and be sure to check the website before you go for any special offers.

Be wary, though – once the vigor and spirit of the race get under your skin, you may never be the same.

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