For the casual Broncos fan, tuning into Sunday’s preseason game may have left you wondering about this new “Tebow guy”.  That is exactly what happened to my family when we sat down to watch the game.  It seems people either love him or hate him.  Since he has just joined the team, why such a passionate response? 

There are three pictures that define Tim Tebow and can quickly explain the issue:

Heisman Trophy Winner 2007 - Tim Tebow
Heisman Trophy Winner 2007

Heisman Trophy winner:  It lets you know right away this young man has talent.  Reason enough for the public to be interested in his debut game.

The eye black message brings to light his religious background and his need to let the world know about it.  This is a hot button for many, which either polarizes people from him or draws them to him.

The monk haircut:  A hazing stunt by the veterans on the team.  This speaks to the first impression his teammates have about Tebow.  Will his outspoken beliefs divide the team or bond them together?


The Big Question

The official season has yet to begin and only time will tell if Tim Tebow deserves all the attention he has received thus far.  The big question remains for Bronco fans everywhere; will our new quarterback become famous for his talent or for his personal beliefs?  

The next preseason game is at home against the Detroit Lions on August 21st at 7:00 PM MDT.  (For a full listing of Denver’s schedule click here.) Gather your friends and family this Saturday to witness the next installment of the Tebow Saga.  No matter the outcome, the year ahead promises to be interesting with rookie Tim as our Denver Broncos’ starting quarterback.

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