Head down to Pioneer Square’s La Familia Gallery this Thursday for a special artists’ reception celebrating their August shows. Wonderful art, great company and tasty summer refreshments included!
Information about the artists (from La Familia):


Kate’s newest cityscape paintings continue to explore the beauty in abstract details of urban living. The addition of subtle figurative references in some of her pieces acknowledges the human influence on the energy of our surroundings.

ANGELA SCOTT “by the river”

This body of work, which contains both abstract paintings and sculpted birds, is my reflection on the many aspects of interconnection within and between the natural and human-made worlds. Prayer, mutualism, deforestation and desertification, globalism and water, agricultural subsidies and obesity, all contain dotted lines of connection. As the earth becomes increasingly damaged by human endeavors, it is harder to ignore the dependence humans have on the health of the planet. The white birds in this series could be viewed as harbingers, bringing us a prophetic message from nature, or as representing an aspect of nature, such as innocence, joy, or death.

La Familia Gallery is located at 117 Prefontaine Place S. The reception will be from 6pm-9pm. A great way to spend your Thursday evening!

Home Culture Kate Protage and Angela Scott at La Familia Gallery, Thurs. Aug.19th