Review the movie on Twitter
Review the movie on Twitter

Ever want to tell a filmmaker just what you really thought about his movie?

 Here’s your chance.

As part of the promotion for the new horror film, The Last Exorcism, producer Eli Roth is making a special plea for fans to be a ‘twitic’ – a twittering critic – and send him their thoughts on the movie. In a short trailer shown before a recent sneak preview in Boston, Roth asked the audience to send their reviews of the film to a special twitter account ( in order to build some word of mouth buzz about the movie before it opens on August 27. (Since not everybody will get a chance to see the movie before it officially opens, Twitter reviews will be accepted at the site after the film opens.)

Along with a chance to express their pleasure – or vent their anger – about the film, Roth sweetened the deal by announcing that some twitters (at least the positive ones) will be used as blurbs to promote the film on posters and in ads alongside the quotes submitted to the studios by critics or lifted from their published reviews.

Directed by Daniel Stamm (A Necessary Death), The Last Exorcism stars Patrick Fabian as Cotton Marcus, a Louisiana preacher whose crisis of faith leads him to take part in a documentary about the sleight of hand tricks used by men of faith to fool people into thinking that the devil is being driven from their bodies. When the case being filmed for the documentary turns out to be more authentic than he imagined, Marcus must face himself and his worst fears to save the life of a teenage girl.

Horror movies live or die by word of mouth, Roth said in the video. Whether the twitics will give the film legs or kill it off remains to be seen.

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