manhattan with a twist
Manhattan with a Twist - Photo by Star5112 on Flicker

Labor Day is the turning point. It is the day when the beaches and pools close. When the days are noticeably shorter and when drinking Mojitos and Pina Coladas is no longer socially acceptable. Here are 10 drinks to drown your post-summer blues before the cold months of winter.

1. Manhattan with a twist

I am a Maker’s Mark man. My 2nd stringer is Knob Creek. Regardless, 2 parts of your favorite Bourbon Whiskey,  1 part sweet vermouth, 2 dashes of bitters served on the rocks or straight up. I like to dress it with a Maraschino Cherry and an Orange Zest Twist.

2. Brandy Alexander

Equal parts of Cognac, Cremé de caco, and half-and-half. Serve straight up and enjoy.

3. Mulled Red Wine

Autumn means that red wine becomes a good wine to complement the heartier food that are eaten during that time. So instead of mulling over a simple Port or Shiraz (pun intended), try this a recipe from the Food Network.  Of course you can add more or less spice. This is a good base.

4. Goose Island Harvest Ale

Nothing says Chicago like Goose Island and nothing says fall like a Harvest Ale.

5. Pumpkin Beer

I’m going to recommend DogFish Head’s Punkin Ale. There are many different pumpkin beers on the market. The possibilities are endless and they all taste different.

6. Pumpkin Martini

Here is one for the clubs this fall. Unless you have a fully stocked bar, I would suggest going out for this one. But for you go getters here is a recipe from

7. Whiskey Neat

Put some hair on your chest for the colder days. Drink Wild Turkey Whiskey or Corn Whiskey straight up. Word of caution, when searching “corn whiskey” on Wikipedia, the see also lists “Moonshine” and “Ethanol (fuel)” so don’t drink near ignition sources.

The Brain - photo by TangoPango on Flickr
8. The Brain

This is my favorite drink on the list. Definitely a must serve for a Halloween Party. In a double shot glass mix 1.5oz of vodka and .75oz of Kaluha. Drop some Bailey’s Irish Cream in the center and it looks like you have a floating brain in the glass.

9. Anchor Porter

Anchor makes some good brews. Their Porter has light notes of “chocolate, toffee, and coffee.” And what goes better than that after dinner besides actual chocolate covered toffee and a cup of coffee?

10. Herb’s Harvest

Here is another bar drink. But incase you want to try here is the recipe: 2 parts Herb’s Rosemary vodka, 1/2 part pear puree, 1/2 part lemon juice, 1/4 part almond syrup, 3/4 part cranberry juice (optional), sprig of rosemary for garnish. Mix it in a shaker and pour into an old-fasion glass. There are some other fun recipes to try on Sonnema’s website.

Here are a few alternates that are worth an honorable mention:

Early Autumn Cocktail

Modern English

Autumn Punch Martini

Thank you for reading and happy drinking!

**Manhattan with a Twist Photo by Star5112 on Flicker

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