DB and the Catastrophe
DB and the Catastrophe

Worse Case Scenario

Worst case scenario for a rock band: drummer breaks his foot and can’t play.  DB and the Catastrophe faced this scenario Wednesday night, August 18th.  Being the consummate professionals they are, they took on the challenge of rocking Herman’s Hideaway without their talented drummer.

DB and the Catastrophe shines under pressure 

To meet the challenge, Tyler pulled out the acoustical guitar, Ricky kicked up the bass, and Dylan led the assault with his distinctive voice.  Can a band rock without a drummer?  Wednesday’s performance proved they totally can. 

DB and the Catastrophe performed songs from their new EP Don’t Look Back, including the aptly named song “Assault”.  They mixed it up with several popular songs from their first album, Fade Out, and a cover of “The Sweater Song” by Weezer.  It was truly a one of a kind performance, and one I thoroughly enjoyed.

Part of the appeal of a live performance is the chemistry a band has with the audience. DB and the Catastrophe deliver an entertaining performance every time. Don’t miss the chance to see this gifted, upbeat band live on stage. 

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Home Culture Review: DB and the Catastrophe at Herman’s Hideaway