Jamie Kilstein
Jamie Kilstein Takes Mayne Stage

One of the first bookings I helped my boss confirm when I started working at Lakeshore Theater was for a NY-based comedian by the name of Jamie Kilstein. Three weekends over the course of a year, that was the deal. I knew he had to be good, even though I was new, because of that triple booking. Ritter was a brilliant Artistic Director for LT, his bookings were spot on.

I’m pretty sure the first words out of his mouth that morning were that Kilstein was “the tits,” which for anyone who knows Ritter knows that’s a pretty high compliment. (His continuing praise and words were more lengthy and eloquent, but that one comment sums is up perfectly, in my mind.)

So, I thought to myself, “I’m sure he is; most of the acts that perform here are.” And then, months later, I watched Kilstein’s set. He isn’t just good, he’s utterly brilliant. There are performances, and then there is Kilstein thought. His mind is one of those fascinating ones where throughout the show, one can just picture the churning wheels of a clock tower, so quick on his feet and so impassioned that his words become powerful where others would sound preachy:


Kilstein is a high-school dropout who’s more conscientious, articulate, witty and sharp than anyone I know with PhDs, fancy titles and country club memberships (and I grew up in Chevy Chase, MD). His humor breeds consciousness, it’s as simple as that. He spent years traveling, living out in his car with his partner-in-crime, the incomparable Allison Kilkenny, as he got random gigs and ultimately, exploded on the festival circuit and made everyone else aware of what only a select few once knew: he’s one of the most talented comedic minds working today; and, he will be for quite some time.

In case you’re missing my point, I’ll be more concise: Go see his show at Mayne Stage in Rogers Park this November. Buy tickets here or call 773-381-4554.

*Added Bonus:  Canadian comedian Glenn Wool is co-headlining. So, basically, if you don’t go you’re kind of an idiot. (I know, name-calling is juvenile; but it’s the truth. Honesty is the best policy, right?)

Kilstein also runs the edgy, incisive Citizen Radio with Allison Kilkenny: http://wearecitizenradio.com/

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