Shepard Fairey Does Joaquin Phoenix - photo by Tracey Harnish
Maybe you remember about a year ago, Joaquin Phoenix did a bizarro interview on David Letterman.  It was all over the internet; is Phoenix on drugs?  Or is he punking us?  Shortly after that another equally weird video showed up on youtube with Phoenix rapping (badly) in a club, where he actually falls off of the stage. Then it comes out that he’s given up acting to pursue a career as a musician.  All this just a few years after receiving an oscar nomination for his role in Walk the Line.  Are we watching another Hollywood meltdown?  Or is Phoenix having some fun with us?

Now comes the documentary movie “I’m Still Here” about Phoenix’s move into the world of rap, directed by Casey Affleck.  The trailer has some deep meaning voice-over “And you realize when you’re at your lowest is when you are closest to god” making us wonder – could this be some sort of deep meaning social commentary?  The above ambiguous Fairey posters have been showing up on the streets of Los Angeles and New York and in keeping with the secrecy about what’s really going on here, says very little.  It has everyone wondering – is this for real or is it a mockumentary?


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