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Bicycling Denver Colorado Style


Bicyclists in Denver have many options for fun and exercise. (Photo by freewheelinbiker on flickr)
Remember the idea of getting in shape…but not having enough for a gym membership? Well here in Denver that’s just an excuse we are unable to use…look around…all the bikes on the road…getting fresh air…saving gas…getting exercise…it’s you.

Enough of the spectator sports…it’s time to get out and DO!  Denver has a vibrant and flourishing bicycling community and it needs you.  And there is no better time than this week!  So whether you are just starting…or a serious cyclist…or seriously contemplating starting…start now.  And the best thing about cycling in Colorado is that you can even end up with beer and food!  What is there not to like?

Community Cycles is an excellent place to start.  It will provide you with activities, events and equipment. Need to start with getting the necessary wheels?  This Wednesday, August 25, from 2:00-9:00 PM Community Cycles in partnering with CU Bike Station for a student bike sale. 

You want to start slow and easy, with a little bit of reward for your efforts?  Wednesday August 25 Bike Denver is sponsoring the second ever “Wheel Eat Out” with a destination of Little India Restaurant at 2390 South Downing.  Go to Community Cycles and get your bike…then…you bike…you eat…and you raise money for a cause…what is there not to like?

If you want a little female-female bonding and get some exercise, sign up for the Venus de Miles bike ride featuring three different routes to match your skill level. Colorado’s only all-woman’s bike ride, the Venus de Miles is back for its third year and is hosted by Greenhouse Scholar. All proceeds help them to provide high-performing, under-resourced college students with financial support and mentorship. Register here.

Now if you are a planner and want to map out your bicycling activities well in advance 303Cycling is the best place to start.  It strategically doesn’t allow you to make an excuse for not getting your ass…ets on the road. Providing an online calendar of upcoming races and events 303cycling is your nonstop destination.

So if you are serious, the NederlandHalfAss 100, which is part of Colorado’s Endurance Series, starts Saturday August 29 at 5:30 AM, and no matter what time you finish you’ll end up at Wild Mountain Smokehouse and Brewery for beer and food.

If you are a little less than serious but just as energy conscious and are wanting a little sustenance with your riding GreenRoute Denver  is showcasing Denver’s sustainable restaurant scene Friday August 28.  Again…exercise….food…and learning to live green…what is there not to like.