Alright, I’ll be the first to admit it: I am really weirded out by Beatles tribute bands. Covers of Beatles songs are fine, but bands dressed in Sgt. Pepper uniforms and talking in Liverpudlian accents tend to put me in a great state of discomfort. Nevertheless, you will probably still find me at the 2010 Beatles Festival on the Santa Monica Pier this weekend (because what could be better than a three-day Beatlefest? A three-day Beatlefest on the beach, naturally).

The 2009 Beatles Festival attracted over 30,000 people, with a greater attendance expected this year

The second annual festival celebrates the music of the Beatles with live music, food, memorabilia, raffles, and more. If tribute bands are your thing, then this is one event not to be missed. Headlining band Abbey Road offers not only live music but an entire theater production spanning the Beatles’ career. The festival also offers Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones tribute bands throughout the weekend. And if you’re wondering what else to expect from the event, here are some of the top reasons I would go:

-Showings of Beatles movies “Help!” and “Let It Be”
-Beer garden and plenty of food
-Photo ops with celebrities (Hulk Hogan, anyone?)
-Guitar Hero competition. Surely Beatles Rock Band would be the most appropriate, but even so, any public event offering Guitar Hero is ok by me.

Also, it’s FREE. The only event that requires a ticket is the “Ticket to Ride” musical, which will be performed at Santa Monica High School’s Barnum Hall on Saturday night.

So while you may not find me rocking out in front of a stage occupied by Beatles look-a-likes, you will probably still see me dancing to the music in some corner, waiting in line for Guitar Hero, or perhaps getting my picture taken with Hulk Hogan. The festival’s wide range of attractions are sure to entertain Beatlefans of all ages, and for anyone with even a slight fondness of the Beatles and their music, this is the perfect end-of-summer event.

Where: Santa Monica Pier
When: Noon – 10 pm on Thursday (8/26); 10 am – 7 pm Friday through Saturday (8/27-8/28)
Price: Free to the public; $25 for “Ticket to Ride” musical

Culture 2010 Beatles Festival comes to the Santa Monica Pier, 8/26 through 8/28