Citizens Bank Park
Even standing room is great at Citizens Bank Park

The crash of bat against ball, the roar of the crowd, the intensity of the win, all the sweaty summer air. Sounds perfect, right? Well, that’s the feeling inside Citizens Bank Park during every home game. And with the August 19th record 100th sell out (now at 105 sell outs), the Phillies are keeping the good times coming.

But there has to be more than a winning team to attract fans to a ballpark. Sellouts are not just about having a good team. Just look at the Tampa Bay Rays during their 2008 World Series games. Sometimes it felt like there were more Phillies fans in their stands. It’s about the overall experience fans have at the game. Win or lose, Citizens Bank Park gives fans something to cheer about. The fairly new ball park, opened in 2004, is one of the best in baseball. Honestly, there isn’t a bad seat in the house. (Check out the view standing room can get you in the photo above!) But what else makes this stadium a great place to see a game? Why do the fans keep coming back?

The design: Every inch of the ballpark has been designed with the fans’ experience in mind. That’s why there are no bad seats. No columns in your way, in the tradition of old ballparks. There’s even a “break” near Section 210, that lowers the entire right field second level approximately 20 feet. This allows the fans to be closer to the playing field. The outfield is open (not a giant wall of seats), allowing attendees to get a view of the skyline of Philly, while watching the Phillies hit home runs. The stadium was specifically designed with 360 degree view of the ballpark. No matter where you are in the place, you can see the field. It’s a fan’s dream ballpark.

The food: Citizens Bank Park almost feels like they condensed Philadelphia, in terms of food, into the stadium. They have Chickie’s and Pete’s crab fries, Campo’s Deli, and Bull’s BBQ all out in Asburn Alley, behind center field. The park also features hot dogs (of course), cheesesteaks, ice cream, and soft pretzels, not to mention restaurants like McFadden’s and Harry the K’s. Is one of your friends or family a vegetarian? If so, the park has been named “No. 1 Vegetarian Ballpark” for the last four years. Looks like the concessions stands have Philly pinned just right. (Also, they have dollar dog nights. Who can say no to that?)

The kids: Citizens Bank Park is a wonderful place to take your family. The park features games and play places for kids from the Phanatic Phun Zone to Citizens Bank Games of Baseball,  as well as a Phanatic shoe slide. The Citizens Bank Games of Baseball allows young fans tp play games like Phan Trivia Challenge or Run the Bases for various prizes. It’s a great way to keep the kids occupied before the game or when the game goes 16 innings!

The players: These are homegrown players playing on a homegrown team. The fans have seen Ryan Howard grow up from his rookie year. We’ve seen Chase Utley from his first game as starting second baseman. Jamie Moyer grew up watching the Phillies. We’ve grown up with these players;we’re invested in them. It’s not just the winning. They weren’t doing so hot in the beginning of this season, but the fans were still there. It’s because we  support the players that have given this city something to cheer about.

And last, but not least, the fans: On the night of the 100th sellout, the Phil’s skipper Charlie Manuel said it best: “I’d just like to say you’re the best fans I’ve ever seen in baseball. And your energy and the fact you pull for us every night is going to help us get to the World Series again.” It may be cliche, but the Philadelphia fan makes the Philadelphia ball park a great place to be. Citizens Bank Park wouldn’t be the same anywhere else. And that’s the truth.

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