Kat Bushnell and her very "organic" beer.

On Monday night I had the pleasure to go check out a nifty project called The Pint Sized Plays by The San Francisco Theater Pub at Cafe Royale.  Throwing most of the expected formality and ritual of going to the theater out the window and hosting themselves in a bar,  The San Francisco Theater Pub creates a casual and fun environment where you are just as likely to be knocking glasses with a featured writer as you are a fellow patron.

The idea being that no play should be longer than it should take you to drink, you guessed it, a pint of beer.  Nine mini-plays in total play out over the course of roughly an hour, so actually trying to down a beer per play might  leave you under the table.  The plays themselves which have been staged throughout the bar (there are no good or bad seats) are funny and irreverent.  A genie comes out of a Bud Light, a pregnant women lusts for a pint and two men wax poetic about how being able to drink more means having to in order to get drunk.  By the end of the evening I had lost count how many beers had been downed in a single gulp.

All who came had good time.  Also to be noted is that they play on nights when most theaters are dark.  So if you are a real hound for shows, or if you work in theater you have even less of an excuse to miss this.

The San Francisco Theater Pub’s next show is August 30th at 8pm at Cafe Royale on Post and Leavenworth.  The show is free, the beer is still about $4 a pint.  Get there early to assure a place to sit.

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