Red Harvest
Another week, another band throwing in the towel. And this time, there’s hardly any explanation for why.

Progressive, industrial-leaning Norwegian metal troupe Red Harvest posted a blog on their MySpace page, reading very simply: “Red Harvest has split up as per May 2010. We want to thank all the people that have supported us through the years. 1989 – 2010  R.I.P.”

That’s it. So, they’ve been done since May, and no one noticed until now. Believe it or not, the band celebrated its 20th anniversary back in October with a special show in Oslo.

The band’s last record, A Greater Darkness, was released in 2007 through Season of Mist, and the album has insane guitars on it. It would remind you of a heavier version of Skinny Puppy. This is kind of a bummer. I mean, I’ll get on with my life and all, but Red Harvest probably had one more good record in them. Shame.

I love you

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