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‘True Blood’ Character Spotlight: Five Reasons To Love Lafayette Reynolds


Nelsan Ellis plays Lafayette Reynolds in True Blood
Lafayette Reynolds is quirky, charismatic and careful. Undoubtedly, he’s one of the most interesting characters on “True Blood.” Like most of the characters on the show, Lafayette has been irrevocably shaped by the supernatural experiences of Bon Temps, Louisiana. He’s handled it with style and class, which is part of his charm. Here are five reasons to love Lafayette.

What you see is what you get. There are certain things that everyone knows about Lafayette. He’s gay, he’s a dealer, sometimes he sells his body and he’s really good with makeup. There are things most people don’t know about him, too: his mom is institutionalized and he’s very spiritual in the privacy of his own home. Although he has a private life like most people, he doesn’t exactly hide things—Lafayette’s just really good at keeping things chill and avoiding trouble. In return, he’s able to be himself in an otherwise conservative environment and he doesn’t have to apologize for who he is.

He can handle power. Lafayette’s gone through some scary things. Remember that time he was chained up in the basement of Fangtasia? Despite those horrific memories (he even displayed extreme symptoms of PTSD as a result of the Fangtasia incident), Lafayette handles power very well. When he’s tasked with unloading some v (vampire blood used as a drug by humans), he handles it. When he was kidnapped, he thought logically about his options and asked to be turned into a vampire as a solution.

Mr. Dependable. Lafayette is always there for his family and friends, despite his life’s own heavy amount of trauma and drama. He’s always helped care for his cousin Tara and he often provides a voice of reason to a variety of characters on the show. Newly-introduced Jesus likes this aspect of Lafayette, too.

He’s a magic man. If you hadn’t read it in the books, now you know—there are witches and Wiccans in the Sookieverse! It seems that Lafayette and Jesus are among the ranks of practitioners, and this just adds another dimension of awesome to the man that is Lafayette. Traditionally, witches live on the fringes of society and proscribe remedies not considered mainstream—this description certainly fits Lafayette.

Universalism. While Lafayette isn’t outright universalist religiously, he does practice a rather universalist outlook on the unknown. This helps him connect to a multitude of characters, including Tara’s Christian mother. His house has a shelf full of religious idols upon them. Lafayette’s ability to connect with people of varying religious backgrounds may also point to a true calling as a shamanic healer or witch.

Lafayette is probably one of the more likable characters in “True Blood.” While he might be an outcast in mainstream society, he seems to have all the right moves when the vampires and werewolves come out of the woodwork.