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An Open Letter To The Sword


The Sword

Hey guys. Great new record. I’m loving the shit out of it, and I think everyone should have to hear it. But what gives, fellas?

You know, we go back a spell. Remember? I was the dude who was walking around all day in that park in Brooklyn, freezing his ass off in the snow, watching you shoot your very first video for “Freya?” I used the footage we got to cut a You Hear It First package on your band for MTV News…long before you were anyone? Yeah, that’s me — Chris.

So, last week, a physical copy of your new record arrived in my mail, and for the third straight time, you forgot to thank me in the liner notes. Even though you’ve told me repeatedly that you would thank me. Instead, on Warp Riders, you thank the members of Metallica individually. You would have had plenty of room for my name or my Web site’s name if you had just thanked Metallica as a whole, and not one by one. Overkill, dudes.

Which brings me to my next grievance — a few weeks back, I did an interview with Trivett Wingo and you guys never even put a link to the interview up on your Facebook or MySpace page. What gives? Even after I took down that salacious, hilarious piece — the content of which was totally on the record — about that bigger band, at your request, you dudes still wouldn’t link to my shit. What the fuck? Are you guys too fucking big now, that you can’t put up a stupid link to a story or thank a dude who helped get you noticed in your album? Is that too fucking much to ask?

Not that I’m taking credit for your career, because I would never do that. I just wanted you to get a link up on your MySpace page so people would know about the interview. Fucking lame, guys.

I think I should put that story back up on my site. Considering you guys won’t even give me any link love on your sites. You have a week, and then, the story goes back up. One week to get a link to my interview with Wingo up, on your sites, or the story goes live. One week.

XOXO, Chris