Oh…so you’ve never heard of Swedish death metal outfit Evocation? That’s OK, my mom hasn’t heard of them either. These dudes are from Gothenburg and they’re tight, baby. If you dig Carcass, then you would probably hate this band because you’d hear it and think that they’re ripping off Carcass’ sound. I like ‘em. Solid guitars, cringe-worthy vocals, bombastic drums…I dig.

Evocation have revealed that — come October 29 — their third album will be in stores. It’s called Apocalyptic and the album will feature 10 songs, including “Sweet Obsession,” “Reunion in War,” and “It Is All Your Fault.”

What’s all my fault? I didn’t do nothing! The LP’s album art was furnished by Xaay, who has worked for Nile and Vader in the past. According to the band, the art “fit[s] both the title and our musical achievements just perfect. We are blown away by the effort and feeling [Xaay] gave it.”

Check out a new track from the band over on their MySpace page. You might actually love it.

Entertainment Evocation To Release Apocalyptic Next Month