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Farmers’ Markets in Anaheim and Fullerton keep your family healthy all year round

Fresh peppers in various cultivars can be found at your CFM.

Just because summer’s winding down a little and we’ve had our first little rain shower (more like damp air than rain, but that’s just one perspective), doesn’t mean Anaheim and Fullerton residents can’t still get delicious fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as fresh flowers, eggs, meats, and more.  Get to know your neighbors again by becoming a regular at the closest Farmers’ Market.

In Anaheim, visit your local Certified Farmers’ Market (CFM) every Thursday between 12pm and 7pm.  Located at Center Street Promenade and Lemon Street, this farmers’ market offers live entertainment, weather permitting, and also accepts EBT and WIC.  With greater numbers of families these days who are receiving assistance, this is a great way to keep the home menu healthy.

The Anaheim Kaiser Permanente Farmers’ Market on Friday, from 10am until 2pm, offers Anaheim residents another opportunity to buy fresh produce, as well as crafts, flowers, and baked items.  This CFM is located at the intersection of Riverdale and Lakeview.

Every Wednesday, from 8am until 2pm, the Certified Farmers’ Market in Fullerton sprawls across Independence Park on Valencia, near the intersection of Richmond and Orangethorpe.  Shoppers can get not only fresh fruit and veggies, but also fresh eggs, fish, nuts, and fresh flowers.

In addition to the CFM at Independence Park, Fullerton also has a Thursday Farmers’ Market in downtown Fullerton, on Wilshire Ave, between Harbor and Pomona.  From 4pm until 8:30pm, visitors can not only shop for fresh produce and crafts, but can also enjoy the beer and wine garden, and live music after 6:30pm.  This Farmers’ Market will continue every Thursday until October 28th, then will resume again in December.