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Will 2010 HempCon In Los Angeles Help Tip The Scales For Prop 19?


For those that haven’t turned on the TV, or stepped out of that cave you call a bedroom, in the last couple of months, there is a cornucopia of controversy surrounding the use and distribution of medical marijuana in California at the moment. Which makes it a very interesting time for the 2010 HempCon – Medical Marijuana Show to come to town.

From September 10-12, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, hundreds of exhibitors will be in attendance, as dozens of educational seminars are conducted, at the largest gathering of activists, entrepreneurs, educators, cultivators and patients of medical marijuana in the US. The show is currently touring America to reach out to those who might benefit from the medical use of marijuana.

Not having been to a HempCon, I found in my research that there are two camps on how this holds up as a Con. On one side we have the disappointed recreational smokers who are hoping for a decent show to blaze at and maybe some Con girls to ogle. On the other there is a proactive and supportive group of advocates sharing trade knowledge and a passion for marijuana and hemp products.

Bad news, recreational smokers, it sounds like this Con belongs to the proactive advocates – if you’re looking for ConGirls I recommend waiting around for the Hot Import Nights show.

That’s not to say the advocates have it easy.

Given the seemingly constant struggle between city officials and medical dispensaries, there is sure to be plenty of discussion, and potentially debate, on the current climate of medical marijuana in California. Combined with Proposition 19, the largest concerted citizen initiative for the legalization and taxation of cannabis since 1972, on the 2010 November election ballot which looms on the horizon, the event could prove pivotal in spreading awareness.

Will HempCon help an embattled state to propel itself into the national spotlight come November or will it simply fight valiantly to the end? I suppose we’ll find out in a couple of months.

Even if politics and information isn’t what you’re after, the show boasts entertainment, retailers (apparel/accessories/paraphernalia), legal services, delivery services, clubs/associations and much more.

Oh and we mustn’t forget the guaranteed smorgasbord of convention munchies.

A full review is planned post-event.

Where: Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, Ca 90015
When: September 10-12
Cost: $15 per day (online and door)
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