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Doug Benson at the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse


Comedian/stoner/Twitter master/all-around awesome dude Doug Benson will be performing at the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse this Friday and Saturday, September 10-11. You might remember him from Last Comic Standing or those amazing Best Week Ever shows on VH1 back in the day, but now he’s probably most widely known for his movie Super High Me or his hilarious podcast, Doug Loves Movies.

Doug Benson - Arlington Cinema Drafthouse Sept. 10-11

With a cultish following (myself including), and not in a creepy line-up-your-sneakers-and-drink-the-poisonous-Kool-Aid way, Doug Loves Movies is basically just Doug, a huge movie buff, and 2 or 3 of his famous and/or funny friends shooting the shit with each other, sometimes talking about movies. He ends each podcast by playing the Leonard Maltin game with the guests, which is basically Name That Tune  but with actors and movies instead of notes and songs. Trust me, it’s a lot funnier than it reads in print. Also I’m a horrible writer.

Once named “Stoner of the Year” by High Times magazine, Doug is apparently way more productive than most people while high.  Along with the above-mentioned projects, he does his The Benson Interruption show once a month in Los Angeles, where he basically sits in the front row of another comedian’s set and says whatever he wants, hence the name. It’s hugely popular and is going to be a series on Comedy Central soon. He’s also released a few albums, with his latest, Hypocritical Oaf, coming out just last week. He’s super interactive with his followers on Twitter and just seems like a swell dude. Possibly because he’s always high.

So for all you east coasters who can’t go to Doug’s live shows or podcast tapings out in LA, come see him this weekend in Arlington for some guaranteed laughs. Being high is not necessary but it really can’t hurt. Ever.