Joe and some hottie

It seems like Def Leppard wants to be the new Kiss. They’re still far, far off, but they seem to be stepping up their game since gaining pop cred from longtime fan Taylor Swift, who appeared with them on CMT’s “Crossroads.” There’s even a Def Leppard cartoon in development and now, Joe Elliott is launching his own beer.

Unfortunately for us, it’s only going to be available in Ireland, but…who the hell knows? It may take off over there, spread to England and the rest of Europe, and then its juts a matter of time before we can sip Down ‘n’ Outz Beer.

Named after Joe’s side project, the pilsner has “a deep, rich malt character, with generous hop bitterness.” You can start boozing with Joe’s brand come September 15 at The Porterhouse North Rock Garden in Glasnevin. Brewed and bottled by The Porterhouse, the beer will be available in all Porterhouse bars.

“Over the years I’ve noticed a lot of musicians putting their names to a variety of wines etc. which, as nice as a glass of red or white is, well, it’s not very rock and roll is it,” Joe says about his brew. “Beer or lager seem to be the drink of choice at nearly every gig I’ve ever played or attended so for me it’s a much cooler thing to do and having seen how The Porterhouse put quality over quantity, I’m extremely happy to get involved with Oliver [Hughes] and his gang.”

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