Man, can these dudes play.

If you’re a fan of technical guitar trickery, then you need to listen to this new track from Daath’s forthcoming self-titled. The song is caled “Indestructible Overdose” and follows after the jump. The song is fucking tough as nails, with tight drum work, and — at the 1:15 mark — an awesome guitar solo that transitions to a sweet acoustic interlude. Then, its back to the bristling, throat-ripping vocals and — at 1:44 — another dope-ass guitar solo.

Trust me, you’ll like it. Daath’s Daath comes out on October 25 and it’s awesome. If you like your metal to have balls and get that neck snapping back and forth, this is the band for you, kids. Fuck Brokencyde. They’re a bunch of fancy boys.

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